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Interim President William L Roper, University of North Carolina System, presided over the Installation of Elizabeth City State University Chancellor Dr. Karrie Dixon.  ECSU Rising







Throw in with the devil,  get thrown in with the devil   Historically  " I  AM"    steps out of background into foreground on behalf of  enslaved people in the most powerful country at the time: African & Native American Lives Matter!!  
CREATOR ultimate father to all, rock of the disenfranchise,  said "People  Color shall have opportunities beyond Sports & Entertainment". 
" I  AM" "All North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has is a few degrees and a little farmland and they want to take that - defeat their plan."
Jesus said the First will be last.  Manifest destiny is will those who think they are First  can become the last starting today. -Entity 775 " The Son" - Jesus - Michael J. Pippen since 1949. Through  CREATOR I'm second in Power through out the Universes,  Wingman Gabriel.

Stealing A&T's Praise

Nanotechnology and Biotechnology should have been NC A&T Signature programs
Noose found Hanging at Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
This track of land
Downtown  University

Investigative Report

Lock 'em Up -  UNC Board of Governors &  unvarnished Institutional Racism and Corruption   in  
conjunction with bogus NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus- Gateway University Research Park, Inc. , Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering and Union Square Campus.
UNC  Board  Governors Bogus  NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus alleged designated  Oct. 10, 2003 .  
Banality of Evil --  UNC Board of Governors'  UNC Greensboro  Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Video Report

Impeach NC Governor Roy Cooper
You Don't take a Mule to the Kentucky Derby:  UNC Board of Governors Bogus  UNC Greensboro white privilege Nanoscience MS and Ph.D. degrees.
Southern Association of Commission of  Colleges white wash bogus UNC Greensboro  white privilege degrees Nanoscience MS and PhD degrees
Corruption: Above the law, Lock them up  and Throw away the key Go
Ask UNC Board of Governors, NCA&T Chancellor Harold Martin, NC A&T Board of Trustees where are NC A&T Nanoscience MS. and Ph.D. degrees.  "UNCG and NC A&T are partners. UNCG is offering graduate degrees in nanoscience; A&T will eventually offer degrees in nanoengineering." Notwithstanding NC A&T Created Center of Excellence in cybersecurity in 2009, Center for Advanced Materials in 2002 and Center for Entrepreneurship in 2002.   Martin Administration claim North Carolina A&T Creates Three Centers of Excellence (cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, and entrepreneurship and innovation. See NCA&T Board of  Trustees prior to First Regular Schedule Meeting Sept. 27, 2019, without authority to do so approved July 19, 2019 Orientation and Retreat Agenda Action Items  creating alleged Centers of Excellence


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